Another update.

A new building completed.

    Whilst we are again in lock-down here in Melbourne (two weeks completed of 6) I have scratch built an additional building for Montrose.
    This is for Montrose Lumber. After scrounging around for some Evergreen Siding (A$ 14.95 a sheet) and only finding one left out of three hobby shops close by I just had to make do.
    To make the white styrene look like aged wood I brush painted it with AK interactive wood colours. This is a box of 5 colours that blend to give a good effect.
    Here is the outcome just sitting where it will settle when the weather get warmer in the garage.

   Friend John did the sign and suggested a few weeks back to try printing it onto Tissue paper in lieu of copy paper. This made the sign much thinner so it was able to sink into the clap Board Siding making it almost painted on. I am very happy with the way this building and sign turned out.
  On to the next Lock-down project.

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