Time for a new Video

This new video is of my ON30 Narrow Gauge RR the Lost Creek

       I built this layout in a totally different shed to my SFRSD as I wanted to try something different. I guess this primarily came about from meeting Bill with his wonderful Sn3 RR which must have touched a nerve.
       One of the things I wanted to do is try something different hence the curved corners using off-cuts of Laminex curved to a 12 inch radius and glued in place with contact adhesive. John F a good friend helped me paint the top half of the room sky blue and with a lot of the turnout wiring by using push /pulls onto slide switches instead of Tortoise motors.
      I designed the fascia to have a shelf so operators had a place to lay car cards whilst switching.
      The other really big step was learning to paint all of the scenery and trees on my backdrops which took a while, however I was pleased with the outcome.
      I kit bashed two Bachmann Gas Mechanical Locos, weathered a Shay and a Porter and assembled quite a few English freight car kits that turned out okay.

     Building this layout was a lot of fun however the operational side did not work as planned so the Lost Creek RR became a fallen flag.
     There is no video clips of the layout however I did manage to take quite a few images which I have put together in the video.
     Hope you enjoy my journey into Narrow Gauge Railroading as much as I enjoyed building it.

     As usual thanks for stopping by and watch out for more videos as I add them to this Blog over coming weeks.


  1. Ron that is some extremly fine work!

    1. Thanks Allen. I did enjoy building and doing the scenery on the LCRR, hope I can pull it off on the new HOn3 RR.

  2. Rod this is really amazing work and I quite enjoyed the video. Looking forward to you new HOn3 layout.

  3. Rod, this is an excellent tribute to the lost LCRR, as well as your own very fine modelling skills. It makes me wish I had spent more time in this shed when I was at your place. Like Brad, I'll be watching to see the new layout develop.

  4. Thanks Lads. It was a labour of love and something I really enjoyed doing.
    Hope I can pull it off on the new one.