A roundhouse for the new SFRSD

The start of the build

    John is planning to add a 15 stall Walthers roundhouse to the Right hand end of Flynn to accommodate his beautiful roster of steam locomotives. The kit is one of the newer Walthers kits that comes as a 3 stall version with 3 stall add-on kits  that easily go together. So I asked if I could build this for him.
    Kits in hand I was off and running getting to work on the concrete floors. I decided to scribe concrete form lines in the supplied flooring along with scoring of cracks to show some age on each segment. I then gave each one a scrub with worn 600 wet and dry paper to remove any gloss along with any burs from the scoring process.
   Due the large footprint this roundhouse will have, I have made it in 2 sections one of 8 segments and the other 7.
   Here are just a few teasers showing the floors so far. No painting nor weathering as yet, that will come as soon as John has finished cutting all 15 lengths of rail to length and returned the floors and rail to me for painting.

     The kit comes complete with pits that will be installed after the track has be installed. Then it is on to the interior trusses.

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