Custom Painting part 2

The next step.
     I spent about one hour in total masking up one of the C628 Loco's last night and early this morning so I could use the good weather today to spray all of the grills. What a job, boy these units have just so many grills on either side and on the roof I am pleased I have only done one thus far.
     I realize that the front and rear most grills on each side will have some decal strips across them however they can be weathered up afterwards.
     Yesterday I mentioned I was going to use flat black with a dash of rust. I changed my mind and only sprayed them the flat black as I now want to wait until the decaling is complete before I do the other 3 locos and then I can weather them completely.

     Here is a rather poor shot of the C628 with the grills painted and after it had been given a very light coat of Testors Gloss Coat.

     Once the decaling is done and I can get to do some weathering on these I think they should pass.
     The four fuel tanks also got a spray of Flat Black today so now it is up to Graham to get decalling.

Cheers for now and thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Nice job, Rod.

    If you're still up to it, you might still get the contract to do the GC's cigar-band F7s. I'd love to do them myself, but I simply won't have the opportunity this side of Christmas.